Laser Tongue & Lip Tie

If your child is in need of a laser tongue or lip tie correction in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area, we’re here to help. Addressing tongue or lip ties early helps your child avoid many of the problems that can occur as they grow. To learn more, contact our office or schedule your visit today!

What Is Tongue & Lip Tie Correction?

Tongue and lip tie correction, also known as a frenectomy, simply means using laser technology to make a small incision to remove a tongue or lip tie. The type of treatment can address a variety of problems that affect the gums, tongue, lips, or lining of the mouth. Laser technology can even be used to heal canker sores. Treatment is quick and precise, using a direct beam of light to make a quick repair. Laser correction can help address problems for even our youngest patients and also relieve stress on parents. In some cases, patients may not even need sedation during treatment. 

The Benefits

There are many benefits of laser correction compared to other treatment options, including a lower risk of bleeding or infection following treatment and quicker recovery. Many infants can begin nursing as soon as the procedure is complete. Every child is different and it may take some children longer to see improvement in the movement they gain from treatment. Our dentists will inform you of any recommendations for stretching exercises following treatment. 

A frenectomy can benefit patients with a lip or tongue tie in many ways including improvement in the movement of the tongue and lip. For babies, nursing or bottle-feeding can improve right away as they gain full function of their lip and tongue. Addressing lip or tongue-tie can also help children to be able to eat, drink, speak and smile more easily as they grow. 

Although laser correction may sound like a big procedure to parents, we believe you’ll be relieved and surprised at how quickly and easily treatment can be completed. This treatment causes minimal pain and can greatly benefit your child, allowing them to gain full use of their lip or tongue as they grow.

Effects Of A Tongue Or Lip Tie On Development

If your child is suffering from tongue or lip tie, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Inability to latch
  • Unsustained latch
  • Poor endurance
  • Excessive gas/hiccups
  • Constant nursing
  • Gagging
  • Poor weight gain

For toddlers suffering from tongue or lip tie, symptoms may include:

  • Choking while eating
  • Poor weight gain
  • Diet selectivity (soft food only)
  • Poor lip closing
  • Grazing
  • Inability to consume age-appropriate foods

If your child is learning to speak, symptoms may include:

  • Frustration with communication
  • Inability to produce certain sounds
  • Avoidance of certain words
  • Unwillingness to speak

These additional symptoms may occur:

  • Lower teeth inverted
  • Diastema (space) between upper and lower front permanent teeth
  • Tooth decay due to inability to move lip for adequate toothbrush placement
  • Open bite

Get The Help That You Need

If your child shows signs of having a tongue or lip tie, we recommend scheduling a consultation. Correcting lip or tongue-tie can make a world of difference in your child’s development.

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